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2021 Sightings

 July 2021
 31st July: Great White Egret, Muckrush, Lough Corrib (Sean Holland).
 30th July: Little Gull, Rusheen Bay, Galway city (Mike Sylvia).
 29th July: 6 Mediterranean Gull, Kilkieran Harbour (Dermot Breen).
 27th July: White-rumped Sandpiper, Muckrush, Lough Corrib (Aonghus O'Donaill & Ian Brophy).
 27th July: Fem. Marsh Harrier (wing tagged), Peregrine, Dunlin & Black Tern, Muckrush, Lough Corrib (Cathal Forkan & Mike Sylvia).
 26th July: Black-winged Stilt, Muckrush, Lough Corrib (Aonghus O'Donaill).
 25th July: Ad. Ring-billed Gull, Nimmo's Pier, Galway city (Michael Davis).
 24th July: Ad. Mediterranean Gull, Airfield, Inisheer (Oscar Campbell).
 21st July: 32 Swift, Nr. the Small Crane, Galway city (Mike Sylvia).
 19th July: 3 Swift, Woodquay, Galway city (Fearghas Mac Lochlainn).
 19th July: 4 Swift, Claddagh, Galway city (Fearghas Mac Lochlainn).
 19th July: Pomarine Skua & Puffin, 4 km SW of Skerd Rocks (Niall Keogh).
 18th July: 5 Jay, Menlo Cemetery, Galway city (Neil Sharkey).
 18th July: Snowy Owl, Bun Gabhla, Inishmore (per Aonghus O'Donaill).
 16th July: Kingfisher, Ower Bridge, Nr. Headford (Neil Sharkey).
 4th July: Wilson's Petrel, from the RV Celtic Explorer, 24 km WNW of Slyne Head (Niall Keogh).
 June 2021
 28th June: Rose-coloured Starling, N59, approx. 3 km east of Clifden (Neil Ellis).
 28th June: Ad. plumage Long-tailed Skua, Loughaunbeg (Chris Peppiatt).
 23rd June: Rose-coloured Starling, Inishbofin (per Ciaran Coyne).
 21st June: 2 calling Corncrake, Knock & Fawnmore, Inishbofin (Fearghas Mac Lochlainn).
 16th June: Rose-coloured Starling, Clifden (Roger Harrison).
 6th June: Rose-coloured Starling, Tuam (Anna Corrigan & Keith Corrigan).
 6th June: Rose-coloured Starling, Clifden Castle (Dermot Breen).
 6th June: 34 Black-tailed Godwit, Kilcaimin (Paul Troake).
 6th June: 2 Puffin, 2 Storm Petrel & Arctic Skua, Tawin (Paul Troake).
 3rd June: Great-spotted Woodpecker, Merlin Park, Galway city (per Tom Cuffe).
 May 2021
 23rd May: 2 Storm Petrel, Loughaunbeg (Gerard Walshe).
 23rd May: 4 Whinchat, beside Bishop's Island, Nr. Clonfert (Dermot Breen).
 22nd May: 2 (Male & Fem.) Garganey, Rahasane turlough (Cathal Forkan).
 22nd May: Ruff, Muckrush, Lough Corrib (Dermot Breen).
 22nd May: Fem. Long-tailed Duck, Angliham, Lough Corrib (Dermot Breen).
 21st May: Stone Curlew, Carrowkeelanahglass, 6 km North of Clonbern (Chris Peppiatt).
 21st May: Foster's Tern, Inishroo, Corranroo Bay, Nr. Kinvara (Paul Troake).
 19th May: Spotted Flycatcher, Connemara National Park, Letterfrack (Dermot Breen).
 15th May: 2 Corncrake, Knock, Inishbofin (Fearghas Mac Lochlainn).
 6th May: Red Kite, North over Gurteen Bay (James O'Neill).
 1st May: 3 Yellowhammer, Coldwood, Nr. Craughwell (Colin Stanley & Chris Peppiatt).
 April 2021
 27th April: 45 Whimbrel, Lettermullan (Sean McCann).
 26th April: 13 White Wagtail, 105 Whimbrel, 160 Kittiwake, 3 Puffin, Arctic Skua, 8 Red-throated Diver, 3 Wheatear & 2 House Matin, Tawin (Paul Troake).
 26th April: 16 Teal, 24 Shoveler, Wigeon & drake Pintail, Ahapouleen (Paul Troake).
 25th April: 4 Swift, Dangan, Galway city (Cathal Forkan).
 25th April: 4 Whitethroat, Nr. Monivea (Paidi Cullinan).
 24th April: Fem./Imm. Marsh Harrier, Little Gull, 53 Common Tern, 6 Shoveler, 12 Gadwall, 4 Teal, 8 Pochard, Pintail & Whimbrel, Angliham, Lough Corrib (Jacob Mead & Dermot Breen).
 23rd April: Greenland Wheatear, Truska, Nr. Ballyconneely (Dermot Breen).
 22nd April: Great White Egret, again present, Murlach, Nr. Ballyconneely.
 22nd April: Sedge Warbler, Ballyconneely (Dermot Breen).
 21st April: 3 Shelduck, Levally Lough (Chris Peppiatt).
 21st April: Grasshopper Warbler, Bearna (Cathal Forkan).
 19th April: Corncrake, Inishbofin (per NPWS Corncrake Census).
 19th April: Great White Egret, again present, Murlach, Nr. Ballyconneely.
 19th April: 25 Whimbrel, 6 White Wagtail, 6 Common Tern, & 3 Wheatear, Rusheen Bay, Galway city (Mike Sylvia).
 19th April: 25 Whimbrel, 8 Greylag Goose, 2 Arctic Tern & 30 Common Gull, Curraghmore, Nr. Inchiquin, Lough Corrib (Neil Sharkey).
 18th April: 10 Whimbrel & 4 Wheatear, Lettermullan (Sean McCann).
 18th April: Great White Egret, Murlach, Nr. Ballyconneely (Eamonn Mannion).
 17th April: 3 Little Tern, 2 Common Tern, 60 Sandwich Tern & 3 White Wagtail, Loughaunbeg (Cathal Forkan).
 11th April: Redwing, Ellagh, Headford (Neil Sharkey).
 11th April: Common Sandpiper & Redwing, Derryclare Wood (Dermot Breen).
 10th April: Whimbrel, Lettermullan (Sean McCann).
 8th April: 2 Whimbrel, Tully Cross (Dermot Breen).
 7th April: 5 (3 Male & 2 Fem.) Long-tailed Duck, Coral Strand, Carraroe (Aonghus O'Donaill).
 5th April: House Martin, Nimmo's Pier, Galway city (Tom Cuffe).
 March 2021
 31st March: Cuckoo, Rosmuc (Noreen Ryan).
 31st March: Willow Warbler, Bearna (Cathal Forkan).
 30th March: Swallow, Clarenbridge (Pádraig Keirns).
 30th March: Swallow, Killursa, Headford (Neil Sharkey).
 30th March: Swallow, Lettermullan (Sean McCann).
 29th March: Long-eared Owl, Aillebrack, Nr. Ballyconneely.
 25th March: Wheatear, Tully Hill, Renvyle (Dermot Breen).
 6th March: White-tailed Eagle & Hen Harrier, Baranny, Lough Corrib (Ian O'Connor).
 6th March: 3 Sand Martin, over R. Corrib, Dangan, Galway city (Cathal Forkan).
 6th March: Great-spotted Woodpecker, Moycullen (Jane Stark).
 February 2021
 27th February: Slavonian Grebe, Ardfry (Mike Sylvia).
 27th February: 1st Win. Iceland Gull, Rusheen Bay, Galway city (Cathal Forkan).
 22nd February: c. 500 Common Gull, Slieveroe, Nr. Lough Corrib (Neil Sharkey).
 19th February: Ad. Little Gull & Ad. Ring-billed Gull, Nimmo's Pier, Galway city (Mike Sylvia).
 18th February: pair Goosander, Lehanagh Lough, Inagh Valley (Dermot Breen).
 8th February: Drake American Wigeon, again present, Kilcolgan.
 6th February: 16 Purple Sandpiper & drake Eider, Salthill, Galway city (Mike Sylvia).
 3rd February: 20 Yellowhammer, Glenrevagh, Corrandulla (Peter Tyndall).
 2nd February: Snow Bunting, Nimmo's Pier, Galway city.
 January 2021
 27th January: 2 Dipper, River Corrib Canal, Newtownsmith, Galway city (Sally O'Meara).
 26th January: Kingfisher, Canal Road Lower, Galway city (Ciaran Bruton).
 26th January: Drake American Wigeon, again present, Kilcolgan.
 25th January: Common Sandpiper, Kilcolgan (Paul Troake).
 17th January: 16 Yellowhammer, Glenrevagh, Corrandulla (Peter Tyndall).
 15th January: Forster's Tern, 5 Sandwich Tern & 3 Long-tailed Duck, Pollagh (Paul Troake).
 9th January: Drake American Wigeon, again present, Kilcolgan River.
 8th January: possible 2nd Win. American Herring Gull, Nimmo's Pier, Galway city (Tom Cuffe).
 7th January: Glossy Ibis, Rusheen Bay, Galway city (Veronica O'Neill).
 7th January: 3 Ad. Mediterranean Gull, off Fornais/Furnace Island (Sean McCann).
 5th January: 2 Woodcock, Renville Woods, Oranmore (Stephen Walton).
 4th January: 2nd Win. Iceland Gull, 8 Sandwich Tern & 1st Win. Glaucous Gull, Nimmo's Pier, Galway city (Tom Cuffe).
 3rd January: Forster's Tern, Oranmore Bay (John Curley).
 3rd January: 6 Long-tailed Duck, Mulroog (Paul Troake).
 3rd January: 118 Tufted Duck, 59 Shoveler & 75 Whooper Swan, Kiltiernan turlough (Paul Troake).
 3rd January: drumming Great-spotted Woodpecker, Monivea Woods (Paidi Cullinan).
 2nd January: Fem. Ring-necked Duck, Lough Corrib, Nr. Moycullen (Paul Troake).
 1st January: Wimbrel, Nr. Ballinderreen (Paul Troake).

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